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Announcing: The Instagram for Business Blog!

Are you running a business Instagram account? Be sure to check out tips, brand spotlights, API examples over at the Instagram for Business Blog!

In the past two years, the Instagram community has grown to over 80 million users — individuals, brands, celebrities, artists — around the world.  As we grow, the role that businesses and organizations are playing continues to grow as well, which is why we’re launching the Instagram for Business blog.

We’re excited to see how businesses are using Instagram to create genuine connections with their followers, to share who they are and what their brand stands for, and to engage with the Instagram community. As a business, we want to make sure that you have the knowledge and tools you need to start using Instagram in a meaningful way.

We’re launching the Instagram for Business blog as a resource for businesses — a way to discover what other business accounts are doing on the platform and to learn tips and tricks for how to use Instagram from a business perspective.  We’ll be posting brand spotlights, API examples, Instagram news and tips for using Instagram for business. If you’re a business savvy Instagrammer, be sure to visit the Business blog for more!

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